Obstetric Modular Monitor Overtone D65

Overtone D65 - 1st obstetric modular monitor - provides a variety of obstetric care equipment which can meet all the demands in obstetrics.

Overtone D65 offers comprehensive monitoring in prenatal diagnosis, delivery and postpartum.

The monitor model Overtone D65 consists of main and plug-in modules.

The plug-in module is specified for emergency transport and postpartum monitoring. The module is adopted with 4.3 inch touchscreen. It can be used as a separate monitor to meet the requirements in first aid, postpartum transport and recovery.

Fetal Monitor Overtone 6530

Overtone 6530 is a fetal and observation monitor for monitoring mother and child before, during and after child birth. Contrary to ordinary fetal monitors, this monitor can also be used for checking such parametres as ECG, oxygen content, and body temperature of a pregnant woman.

Fetal Monitor Overtone 6200

Overtone 6200 is a small and lightweight fetal monitor for the monitoring of the unborn child. Two versions allow the best choice for optimal functional configuration: prenatal diagnosis of an unborn child or twins and diagnosis of an unborn child before and during birth. There is a possibility of connection to the central monitoring station via network connector.

Fetal-Doppler Overtone 6500

This fetal doppler is designed to meet routine examination requirements for pregnant women in hospital, clinic, home etc. Overtone 6500 uses ultrasound technique to detect sounds from the fetus as early as 10 weeks pregnancy to the baby's first moment of life. It can display Fetal Heart Rate with blue light backlight.