Functional medical beds

Functional medical beds are designed to provide quality care for bedridden patients.
The design of the medical bed facilitates patient care as well as allows the patient to change the configuration of the bed.
Multifunctional medical beds consist of several sections.

Functional Electric Classic Bed

Vitrocare Classic Bed series is an excellent choice for optimal patient comfort. The beds offer caregiver multiple options to provide the patient with the best possible care.

Functional Electric Bed Intensive Care Bed Vanguar

Our products are made with care and meticulous attention to detail, which gives you the opportunity to provide optimal medical care.

Operating Tables

Mechanical Operating Table Surgery 8500

Mechanical operating table Surgery 8500 is designed for a wide range of surgeries. It's equipped with a safe and reliable hydraulic system for height and section position adjustment. Stainless steel and durable cover are easy to clean and sterilize. This table has 5 main sections with radiotransparent cover.

Electrohydraulic Operating Table Surgery 8900

The Surgery 8900 series, streamlined design and fully electromotive hydraulic drive - line power supply or optional battery power supply - provides multipurpose functions for nearly all possible operation types. This table series enables optimal flexibility and versatility for effective patient positioning. The tabletop sliding function (model 8900-S) and 180° rotation (model 8900-N) feature optimizes C-Arm, microscope and/or surgical team access while minimizing set-up time and patient discomfort

Operating Table Positioning Pads

We offer surgical positioners for the whole body in prone and back position.Improve the versatility of your medical practice with our wide range of gel positioners. These pads ensure comfort and safety of patients. Our positioning products serve a multitude of purposes in the operating room