Infection Control

Warming Cabinets

“Easy Log” integrated data logger with removable USB – now standard!Keyed door lock for single & upper chamber units – now standard!Adjustable feet – now standard!

Flatwork Dryer Ironers

Innovative and compact this machines have been designed with techniques taking into account sustainable development. Designed to improve the efficiency of our customers and to reduce operating costs they are recognized among the dryer-ironers as a functional and economic model, easy to use safely.

Bed Pan Washers

This bedpan washer-disinfector is a great choice for tapping into new potential when planning a sluice room in your hospital or care home

The TopLine 40 bedpan disinfection device is an outstandingly compact cleaning and disinfection appliance that is housed neatly and conveniently beneath the worktop. This undercounter model is the perfect addition to your existing dirty utility room set-up.

Combined with additional modules – such as the bedpan and urine bottle racks which fit perfectly above the TopLine 40 – this bedpan disinfection device offers a professional and hygienic cleaning solution for your dirty utility room. As well as getting regular and fracture bedpans hygienically clean, it can also tackle urine bottles, urine jugs and kidney bowls

Surgical Scrub Sinks

This patient monitor is designed for different hospital segments and departments. It fulfills the needs of cardiac patients and can be used for critical care, post anesthesia and during surgeries. The monitor is suitable for adults, children and infants.